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25 Oct 2014

The wind makes the leaves tumble around my feet swirling, trying to force their way through the open doorway as I enter the peaceful sanctuary of my church. I finish my errand, and something says take the drive along the lakefront to view the lakeshore. The throngs of people crowd for the best view of the tumbling, crashing waves. The waves crash over the breakwater meant to keep the harbor safe. The waters are far from their usual crystal clear blue. They are murky, muddy, and blocking the view of what you might find below.

You might ask, yah, and so?? What does this have to do with mentoring?…..with Horizons4Girls? I pondered that as I went back to my office.

The swirling leaves have given up their beauty of fall colors…..to serve as bedding for the animals preparing for the winter months – just as our mentors give of themselves to help our youth. The leaves swirled around my feet trying to enter the warm safe sanctuary of the church, just as our youth settle in for the two day retreat, knowing for those two days they are safe, warm, and can open up to share their deepest thoughts and feelings with their mentors.

I travel down to the beach and harbor looking at the throngs of people just watching the turmoil, but ask myself why aren't they doing something, but in this case what could they do? This reminds me of the people I talk to about our programming, but ask what can I do? There is so much, would be my response…listen, be totally present as a youth shares a story with you. You say is there more? Yes! Be a mentor….join our 'tribe' of firestarters helping our troubled youth to discover their passion.

Those swirling crashing waves….of course that represents the world trying to swallow up our youth and sink them. Those muddy, murky waters represent the cloudy blurred vision of our youth. And of course the break water? Thats each of us standing hand in hand to calm those waters….those emotions helping to create the safe 'harbor' for our youth to grow and thrive in.

Remember EACH of us can make a difference for a young person stuck in that murky, swirling crazy life.

Go right here to find out more about being a mentor: Volunteer Now!

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swirling crazy life.

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