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Igniting the Spark - Exciting Event Details by Laura Haass

16 Jan 2015

The “Ignite the Spark” event on Thursday January 15 th was a speaker seminar featuring Dr. Debbie Lassiter, CEO of Convergence Resource Center (CRC), a program to help previously incarcerated women re-enter society, and avoid the vicious cycle of recidivism, a person’s relapse into negative or criminal behaviors. Dr. Lassiter spoke about the power of volunteers; something she knows intimately since CRC has been running successfully for over ten years on an all-volunteer staff.

She believes that anyone has the power to become a volunteer, whether it’s through mentoring, sharing knowledge, fundraising, or donations. She says “It’s not hard to help when it’s something you’re already doing.” Volunteering isn’t always spending hours and hours helping, sometimes it’s just sharing the talents and skills that you have to someone in need. She stresses the idea that there’s always someone who needs help. As a community, we are connected to so many others. Every person’s life affects and impacts so many others, if someone were giving that helping hand that can be provided through volunteering, how many more people would they be able to impact in their own lives? Although, Dr. Lassiter knows and explains that not every situation in volunteering will be easy, she also explains how when you get back up from that situation, the process has made you stronger and more capable to tackle other situations. She also states that when things are going well, that the accomplishment should be celebrated, in order to continue that spark to help others.

Horizons 4 Girls, who hosted the event, is a mentoring program to help pre-teen and teenage girls navigate life’s decisions and hardships. It also helps them develop life skills, behavioral assets, and gives them opportunities and experiences they may not have had without the program. They have a wide range of volunteer opportunities available. If interested, please visit their website www.horizons4girls.com for more information and contacts.

Igniting the Spark @ Spaceport!

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