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Five Online Activities That Will Keep Your Children Entertained and Educated

20 Oct 2018

Five Online Activities That Will Keep Your Children Entertained and Educated

Summer is here, which means school's out for children and the outside world is beckoning them to get out and play. Watching your children or grandchildren run and play outside is always a treat and takes us back to a time when we had that much energy at our disposal. Of course, not every summer day is filled with blue skies and sunshine. Sometimes rain, storms, or oppressive heat can force children back inside for the whole day.

While your kids may be bummed out that they can’t spend the day outside, it doesn’t mean they have to stop having fun. In fact, this might be the perfect time to capture their imagination and send them on a path of discovery. Thanks to today’s technology, our children are always a click away from a fun, educational experience. Here are five online activities to keep your kids entertained when they’re stuck indoors.

Educational Games

Kids love playing games, and they will likely be begging you to hop on their favorite gaming console once the weather turns sour outside. In recent years, more third-party game developers have found a distinct market for making games that are just as educational as they are entertaining. Now, it’s not difficult to find a video game that is centered around reading, math, and the sciences.

Popular games such as City Skylines gives children of all ages the chance to build their own cities and even learn a thing or two about real estate. Real estate is a complex field that requires skills in math, science, English, social studies, and home economics. By incorporating real estate-based lessons into your curriculum, you can help students gain valuable skills in practical math application, presentation giving, forming a persuasive argument, earth science, and so much more. The next time your child or grandchild wants to play a video game, you should give in and point them in the direction of an educational game.

Dance and Exercise Videos

Just because it’s yucky outside doesn’t mean your kids can’t get any exercise. In recent years, video platforms such as YouTube have exploded, making it easier than ever to find all kinds of workout and dance tutorial videos. With a TV that’s connected to the internet and a little bit of elbow room in your living room, you can easily create an indoor workout studio for your kids to dance, exercise, and get moving.

Science Experiments

If you’re looking for a more hands activity to share with your kids, you might decide to try out your own homegrown science experiment. There are hundreds of resources online to help you turn basic household items into a source of discovery and fun for you and your family. For instance, try making your own lava or a glass of rainbow milk to wow and amaze your kids.

Kinetic and Potential Energy

www.saveonenergy.com has created a free interactive guide to Kinetic and Potential Energy. It's easy to follow and contains numerous graphics that assist with the comprehension of the material. Kinetic and Potential Energy Guide:

Music Lessons

That upright piano collecting dust in the corner of your home could use a little attention, and music mixes eye-hand coordination with rhythm and the creative mind. Your child might not know anything about music now, but thanks to online music lessons, they can easily get started. With some instructional videos on YouTube, your child can start to understand the basics of music theory and even learn how to play simple melodies in the span of a single afternoon.

Drawing Tutorials

If you don’t have a musical instrument lying around, or if your child has no interest in playing music, then you can always tap into their creativity in other ways. With only pencils, paper, and an internet connection, you can watch your child learn how to turn lines, shapes, and shadings into beautiful pieces of art. Just like with exercise videos, or music tutorials, you can find plenty of guided lesson videos online.

These are just a few examples of activities you can find on the internet. Online, the possibilities are virtually endless. Any combination of these activities is sure to fill up a rainy afternoon stuck inside and will open up your child to a world of discovery.

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